Weekend and Holiday Rates
(No walking until 1:00 pm Central Time)

Regular  Seniors 
18 Holes w/cart$38.0018 Holes w/cart$34.00
9 Holes w/cart$28.009 Holes w/cart$23.00

Monday Special
(No walking on Monday until 1:00 Central Time)

With Cart Walking 
18 Holes$24.0018 Holes$18.00
9 Holes$18.009 Holes$13.00

Tuesday Special

Ladies Day
18 Holes with Cart $22.0018 holes no Cart $17.00

Tuesday-Friday Rates

Regular  Seniors 
18 Holes w/cart$28.0018 Holes w/cart$24.00
9 Holes w/cart$23.009 Holes w/cart$18.00

Junior (15 and Under)  
18 Holes $1.00/year9 Holes (Half of age)